Eros & Meditation: Meditation in Tantra

Nov 8 at 11 AM to Nov 12 at 2 PM

We are very excited to bring you this retreat. Rare and steeped in integrity, it will give you an embodied, direct experience of true, sexual-spiritual meditation practice in its most subtle and pure form.

This practice integrates sexuality with all aspects of our lives and reveals the potency of it as a centre-piece of our spiritual practices. Erotic touch and pleasure strengthens our capacity to rest as Awareness. By neither clinging to, intensifying or pushing away our experience, we develop the ability to rest as Presence, regardless of what is happening inside or around us. As concentration deepens, we find an inner stillness. From here, we listen. Steeped in the vastness of the infinite, we cultivate ourcapacity to embrace all of life as She is.

Stabilising our connection to the subtle, undulating energies that “flow within, through and around us”, we learn to rest our attention in the wholeness and compassionate awareness of the bodymind. Within this spaciousness, we inevitably come into contact with the subtle contractions, holding or numbness that reveal the unconscious ways we pull away or jump over our experience, within relationship. In our everyday lives, these movements are imperceptible, coming into awareness only when they have reached their crescendo as a strong reaction or the repetition of a habitual pattern. Rather than something we have to get rid of, they are profound doorways to this present moment offering us insight and alignment within our being.

When spiritual and sexual energies are harmonised within ourselves and our partner, a powerful movement of awareness is created. Erotic meditation changes our relationship to sexuality and erotic energy … and invites us to come into a potent dialogue with the wisdom held within our bodies.

This retreat is offered in integrity and safety and includes extended periods of silence to support practice. Whilst no previous experience is required, a background in some form of mindfulness or awareness practice is strongly recommended, along with a basic level of sexual openness and comfort with sensual practices. Ideally you would register with a partner or friend, of any gender, with whom you are open to sharing meditative, sensual touch practices. If you come alone, we will endeavour to organise the most suitable practice partner for you.

Lyn & Lorella have a deep love for being with people who are awakening to their true nature and yearning for tools on the path of conscious relationship. These practices support the integration of spiritual insight with every day life.


– Combine the power of spiritual and sexual energies
– Use pleasure to strengthen the capacity to rest as the Awareness
– Find and cultivate inner stillness
– Discover freedom and expanded awareness
– Come into relationship with unconscious aspects of yourself
– Recognise and take responsibility for your experience
– Communicate your experience within the realm of sexuality and intimacy
– Find a new way to come into relationship to everyday life


– A deeper sense of connectedness with yourself
– A deepening of love within yourself and with your partner
– A greater openness in your entire being
– More integration of upper and lower chakras
– A new way to come into relationship to the difficulties within life


LYN HUNSTAD is a therapist, coach and guide who has a deep love and passion for supporting the growth process in others. He brings a spiritual presence and perspective to his work based on his lifelong daily meditation and yoga practice. He’s a Certified Tantra Educator through the Source School of Tantra, a SkyDancing Tantra Facilitator, and a Certified Breema Practitioner. Lyn also incorporates Hakomi, somatic, humanistic & transpersonal psychology, urban shamanism, astrology, and the Bach flower remedies in his work. He offers private sessions, workshops, and guided shamanic journey work. For more information visit his website

LORELLA RICCI is a faculty member of the Institute of Somatic Sexology, a graduate of Hakomi Mindfulness-Based Psychotherapy (Professional and Relationship trainings), a Certified Somatic Sex Educator, a Certified Sexological Bodyworker, a long-term Buddhist practitioner and holds a BA in Sociology. She is a somatic psychotherapist for individuals and couples, in private practice in Mullumbimby, and facilitates workshops throughout Australia. Her work is a synthesis of her somatic trainings and is profoundly informed by the meditation practices and teachings of Dr. Reggie Ray (Vajrayana Dharma Ocean Lineage).


MARION ELLYARD is a passionate mother, presenter and counsellor, specialising in sexuality and relationships, for individuals and couples. She has been a meditation practitioner for over 20 years and is a yoga and meditation teacher. She has extensive bodywork experience, having done over 8000 sessions and is the passionate organiser of the yearly Taste of Love Festival in Byron Bay. Recently she completed a facilitation trainings with Dr. John Demartini and Neo Reichian Body Work.

CORAL NUTAN-JONES is a body-based Psychotherapist and Somatic Experiencing trauma therapist in private practice, a facilitator on the Path of Love Process and monthly meditation group, assistant on Somatic Experiencing trainings and a Certified Sexological Bodyworker. All of this is founded on her long term, dedicated practice of the Diamond Approach. Coral also has a background in the wellness industry, having trained in a variety of massage therapies and health modalities, she continues to be informed by her ongoing personal interest in yogic and taoist practice.

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Gymea Eco Retreat Centre, Uki (near Byron Bay)


Starts: 11am Tuesday 8 November —
Finishes 2pm Saturday 12 November


Including Gourmet Contemporary Cuisine,
4 Nights Accommodation & Teachings
Super Early Bird: $1,300 pp (deposit by 16 July)
Early Bird: $1,490 pp (deposit by 16 September)
Regular Fee: $1,650 pp (thereafter)
Deposit: $500 pp secures booking
All fees are inclusive of GST


Couple or twin share. All rooms equipped with luxury eco inner sprung latex topped single or king beds. All bedding, manchester, bathroom and room accessories meet biodynamic, organic or oeko-tex certification standards. Each room includes shower and toilet

Spa & Massage:

Gymea Retreat is a commercial spa facility. All treatments available. Please book & pay separately.


Marion Ellyard: 0415 121 250 or
Lorella Ricci: 0409 047 731


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