Next gen PHI (Pelvic heart Integration) with Ron van Twuiver

Oct 15 2016, 9.00am to 5pm

directly followed by the Conscious Sensuality Temple Night

A day of guided experience to explore and address your blocks in life, relationship and sexuality.

Do you want more out of life and your relationships, but somehow something is holding you back? Wanting to share more emotionally or sexually with a loving partner, but not feeling safe for some reason? Or do you often find yourself in unhealthy or destructive relationships? Somehow procrastinating on making your dreams happen?

What is PHI? Much of what we do day-to-day are based on the relationship patterns we unconsciously learned from our parents, or our adaptations around these situations from that time. As adults, we usually continue them to try to get what we wanted in our childhood, often unsuccessfully. A lot of these strategies and feelings are also stored in our body-mind, in how we hold ourselves and how we react to what we see, hear, smell or feel.

The key to breaking these patterns is to discover the roots of the emotions, give them loving space to complete, and reform them with the loving, supportive messages and sensations that set us free. PHI offers a very powerful, synergistic combination of tools to make this transformation.

Pelvic Heart Integration is a comprehensive system for understanding and harmonizing the whole person, in our intimate relationships with ourselves and others. This unique and powerful synthesis of neo-Reichian breathwork, bodywork, psycho-drama, trauma work, energy work and tantra was developed by pioneering philosopher and bodyworker Dr. Jack Painter and extended by Psychologist Dr. Deborah Anapol. It examines our ancestral lineage and the developmental issues of childhood and their relationship to the physical, emotional, interpersonal and sexual issues confronting us as evolving humans. It uses excitement and sensual pleasure for healing experiences.

We will explore our cultural and personal concepts of gender, gender roles, how that influences our behaviour in everyday life, relationships, and sexuality. We examine how your parental or young childhood experiences may contribute or influence you subconsciously. Using psycho-drama and gestalt exercises, the four-part PHI breath cycle, and a strongly held space of safety and acceptance, we find and allow inhibiting concepts or blocked emotions to dissolve, and build notions of the healthy masculine and feminine within you, which would support you in all possible areas of your life.

Your facilitator strives to create an intimate, warm space where each participant’s authentic experience is supported and guided. In this container, trust, presence and openness allows for deep transformation. The format and small group size ensures ample opportunity to integrate your experiences and come together in support for one another.


Cost for the event: $150

Earlybird: $120 until Oct 1st

Temple Night & day workshop combo Earlybird (available until Oct 1st) $170

Temple Night & day workshop combo full price $205

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Starseed Gardens *, 103 Yagers Ln, Skinners Shoot


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