Resolving Family Dynamics – Constellation Workshop

It is usually when you are ready for change that family constellation work comes into your life and calls you to participate.

Bert Hellinger founded this work in the mid 1990’s working as a family therapist discovering loyalties, dynamics and systems that are formed in families that cause different conflicts in the individual throughput their lives unless they are resolved in its core.

Since then many therapists have modified and used systemic constellation work and benefitted thousands of people around the world.

In this workshop we will have 5-7 full family constellations that involve the whole group and several small constellations where everyone getsĀ a chance to resolve dynamics that affect them in their life in shorter process work.

Participants are asked to be open to represent family members for a person who is having their constellation done, often participating and being chosen as an assistant has a healing effect or a deep insight for the person standing in, so sometimes even if we don’t get our own constellation we will still benefit by moving through all the constellation of others witnessing or participating, because systems and dynamics repeat themselves in families and resonate with our own core more often than not.

You can read a lot online about family constellation work to find out more. The day workshop I am offering involves any kind of family dynamic such as

  • relationship dynamics
  • children and blended families
  • sexual conflicts and blockages
  • parent child relationships
  • ancestral traumas

If you are interested and want to find out more please send me a facebook message or email me:

Family constellations do change our lives, letting go of old unresolved conflicts that still subconsciously rule our lives. When you are ready the most interesting things will pop up that are ready to be seen, felt and resolved. This work is fascinating and deeply moving, powerful and leaves participants usually feeling part of the greater intelligence and healing capacity of life.

EB available until Feb 10th $150
Full Price $200 pp

Bring: Lunch and water bottle

Snacks are provided.

Facilitator: Marion Ellyard

Fully booked! All bookings exhausted.