I had been trying to push away my addictive behaviours for some time, but I felt stuck to them like a fly to fly-paper. Marion’s treatments shifted something within me, or rather she brought my awareness to a disconnection that prevented me from acting on my intention. I have been addiction-free for more than 12 months now, even when in the company of others indulging. I actually don’t want to be in that state any more. I am at the point that Marion assured me would exist – that I didn’t need substances to experience the highs of life.

There is a grounded joyfulness and a non-judgemental quality to Marion that allowed me to trust and feel safe to speak of my frustrations openly, even though I was embarrassed. She guided me through several re-connections with warm patience and persistence. I am very appreciative to Marion for walking me out of the delusional world of addiction to the clarity of sobriety.

Julie Wattus

Marion, I have had the privilege of working with you both in a group setting and as a private client. You are highly intuitive, extremely knowledgeable and lovingly empathic. I had the wonderful experience of breaking through some major blocks under your careful guidance and value your work very highly. Thank you so much!!

Stephen Duff

Marion was recommended to me by a friend who I met at a Men’s Wellbeing event. I had confided in my friend about my inner struggles regarding my 10 year marriage. I was in and out of depression as a result of being unsure whether I was in the right relationship. I decided I needed to change something but was unsure what that should be. Was it my wife? Was it some need for further growth in me? I was scared that I would make the wrong decision. We both saw Marion alone at first before our joint session. I instantly felt comfortable with her -as a male I was concerned that Marion may not be able to see my point of view, but this worry was soon put to rest. She shone a light on a few things which helped me to see the bigger picture. My wife also gelled with Marion and so we both felt we could attend a session together, to get all our difficulties out on the table in a safe environment. During our joint session Marion was able to guide us through our own struggles and without dictating to us what was going on, was able to show us a new way to approach our relationship. This is what we are now working on. We both feel more positive about our future and cannot thank Marion enough.

With gratitude


I arrived at a point where I felt stagnant in life and felt I needed help in moving forwards. I was nervous about attending the sessions but when I met Marion I immediately felt I was in a safe, loving, non-judmental space. The discoveries I have made about myself in only a short time have been incredible. I feel I am in exactly the right place to deepen my understanding and compassion, and grow in my own personal power. Thank you Marion for your support so far 🙂


Gold Coast

I am so glad that I did a session with Marion, the bodywork was amazing and exactly what I needed at this point in time. I have had so much more energy since the session a few days ago. It was great to discuss my situation with Marion, as she gave me new perspectives that have helped me better understand myself. The best part, and probably the one I needed most, was the bodywork part where Marion helped me to get my (sexual) energy moving, and also to feel more grounded.

Henrik Hillerstrom

New Zealand

Hi Marion, I can feel other people again! I went to a workshop after our session and at the of the workshop I gave a lady a hug. I could feel me giving the hug and I could receive her hug back without feeling insecure. I was able to hold the energy in me. I now feel so much more connected to others and life, it’s blissful to the point of feeling drunk of it. Thank you, Tim.



Marion has sincere integrity with her work combined with the ability to deeply see into one’s energy field for facilitating a profound change into a much more expanded truer version of ourselves. Men’s Tantric Session. Alex


Dear Marion, Thank you for the session yesterday. I hoped to gain some direction to help me move forward in the issues in my marriage of 20 years and I believe we achieved this outcome. I openly discussed with my husband our conversation. I was able to talk about other options to moving forward, rather than just ‘we’re together but I’m suppressing some needs’ or ‘it’s over’. I am continuing to let it all sink in however am thankful to you for the confidence and therefore opportunity to open up a real discussion with him. There is ‘light’ and openness now to our space together.  Anonymous


Dear Marion, really looking forward working with you again, you really helped me and I appreciate what you do and how you do it. Jason Adamek


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