Re- Awakening Love

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Re-Awakening Love – What is it all about?
– becoming a greater lover
– increased polarity in your relationship
– dealing powerfully with baggage you bring into the relationship, instead of letting it ruin it
– manifesting the partner you want
– enjoying fulfilment and deep intimacy together
– releasing child hood trauma that prohibits you from getting close to the other and stay together long term
– effective communication skills
– juicing up your sex life with honesty and creativity

What does it take to relate healthy, juicy and remain happy in a relationship?

What parts of us need desperate healing to be able to love the outer other so deeply and truthfully instead of being blocked by hurtful experiences and bad role models from our past?

How do I remain me totally me without compromise and feel the stream of love that connects me and my lover at all times, that opens my heart and melts me, honours me to share the path of love, friendship and intimacy with a person that gives me all the freedom to fully be myself and walk my own personal path of truth.

You may wonder how is that possible? How can there be love without compromise and commitment to truth and radical honesty without huge pain and confrontation?

Well find out more, we are opening the doors to help you transform, heal and understand through some of our deepest secrets we have learned about love over time, through marriages, divorces, monogamy, polyamory and finally and lastly, revealed the simplicity of love itself, peace and joy and lots of juice.

Marion and Ron are committed full time parters since over 3 years with a wealth of knowledge between them what makes up the secrets of their juicy and deeply loving relationship. They facilitate raw, with wild lust and passion, joy and humour, always with the interests and needs of their participants at heart.

The workshop is full of transformative processes, hands on work, sharing and deep materials for discussion, personal processes and time to connect, enjoy and relax.

It will take the attention of your full body, mind and soul this weekend to give yourself and each person there the opportunity to clear things that are blocking us and break through deep processes in a safe environment. Powerful work and a rare opportunity not to be missed if you want to move to next level in relating with others.

We welcome you to find out more, contact us directly via our websites:

Ron Marion Ellyard & Ron van Twuiver


Sat March 18th 9.30am-6pm
Sun March 19th 10am- 5pm


EB available until March 6th: Single $235/ Couples $445
Full Price: Singles $325/ Couples $600

What to bring:

  • pen
  • paper
  • water bottle
  • towel
  • massage oil
  • sarong
  • nibbles to share
  • lunch (kitchen avaialble, Mullumbimby is about 10mins from the venue if you want to go out for lunch)


Serene Earth Sanctuary – 266 Kennedy’s Lane Myocum, Byron Bay, New South Wales 2481

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